Sunday, October 28, 2007

Late Fair Pics!!

Of course these pics are out of order, what's new!! We had sooo much fun and the fair. It was mine and Bob's first time to go to the fair!! We ate a lot of food and walked, walked, and walked!! I shared ONE corn dog with Bob right when we got there, and those of you who know me knows what happened next?? It was horrible, bathroom, to bathroom!! I paid one dollar to go into the Baseball museum just to use a good clean bathroom!! I know I'm weird!! Other than that drama we had a lot of fun!!

This was Bob after about an hour of chewing and gnawing on that thing!! GROSS!!
This is Bob wiping food off my face!! We are so cute aren't we??
Leigh Ann enjoying her fried Marshmallow!!!

Best corn ever!!
This was the turkey leg before, sexy Bob!!
My mom went too she just always finds a way to not be in the picture!!! As you can tell we had a great time at the State Fair!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Old McDonald!!!

Yesterday our Kindergarten went to Green Meadows Farm!! This was our first kinder field trip since the school opened 5 years ago!! We were super excited and had soooo much fun!! We were so tired when we got back to school...8 of my kids fell asleep on the bus on the way home....watching them try to sleep on a bus was the best part of the whole trip!! If you have never been to green meadows farm I highly suggest it!! There were so many things to do there, we had good weather and I had great moms their to help with my class!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! This is 5 of 60 pics!!! P.S. Don't I have the cutest class ever???