Sunday, November 25, 2007

Black Friday = New washer and dryer!!

Ok, this isn't the exact set, but this is the best picture I could find for now!! So I saw an add in the paper on Thanksgiving day for a set of front loading washer and dryers at FRYS for $699!! So I wake up and get there at 5:10...and you guessed they were out, they forgot to put in the paper that they only had 5 of them!! Anyways, so I was like I am already here I might as well buy some!! So I bought a nice set of GE washer and dryer!! I love them, and they delivered them today so it was really quick!! Except, when they told me I had to check out at the front I was like "OK." But I didn't realize how long the line was....4 hours later I made it to the front!! REMEMBER I got there at 5:10!! OH well...I love them, but the whole point is....I went on Black Friday, I went to get a deal....and I ended up going $400 dollars over budget!! OOPPPSSS!!
And on a sad note...ACU lost in a crazy last minute triple over time game!! They lost 76-73!! Tough game but what a great year!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yea Wildcats!! They won their first playoff game and will be playing in Nebraska on Thanksgiving day!! Now usually I could care less, but since dad is a coach and Griffin is the events coordinator...I thought I should give a wildcat shout out!! They kicked some butt on Saturday and should win this week!! Hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving, obviously I am not going to be with my dad cause he will be with the team, but I will be in Stephenville checking in on the score on the Internet. GO CATS!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Baby Shower

Last week were able to have a really cute baby shower for my great friend and co-teacher at school!! We had so much fun, lot's of gifts, and a really good and cute cake!!! The punch was really good too!! It was blue cool-aid with sprite and then you add scoops of vanilla ice cream and that made it turn baby blue!! Jodie loves pirates, so I found these really cute rubber duckies that look like pirates!! And then we all wrote a cute little message to Jayden in one of my favorite books, "Guess how much I love you." We had a great time and can't wait for Jayden to get her in 2 weeks...Jodie is the one in the front with all black on who doesn't even look prego!! What a cute Kinder team!!!