Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!

Monday is mine and Bob's 2nd wedding anniversary!! It has been a great 2 years and we are so happy with what our life has become so far! We had a rough first year with me student teaching, his new jobs, and me trying to pass those stinking teacher tests so I could get a job!! If I didn't have Bob in my life at that time I would have lost it and would have given up! He was my rock during that time and a huge support!! Plus he was working 2 jobs he didn't even like just to help us get through till I got my new job!! I love him sooooo much and couldn't be more lucky! If you know Bob you know what a great and loving guy he is!! I could write page after page about him, but if you know him you already know the great things I would write!! I love you Bob and I am so proud to be called your wife!! Happy Anniversary!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Calling all teachers!!

If you are a teacher, preferably the younger grades, PLEASE tell me that you are going crazy and what to pull your hair out and quit!! I hope it's not just me!! I LOVE my kids, but I am losing my mind!!!