Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Holt!!

Friday was Holt's Big 1st birthday...We didn't have the party till Saturday so he just chilled and ate on his "real" birthday (he also let his mommy, daddy, aunt, and uncle go to a concert, thanks CoCo for babysitting.) I know he can't talk yet but I know what he would say to all his family and friends for such a great weekend, "Thank you Mommy, Daddy, CoCo, Papa, Gina, Pops, Aunt La La, Uncle Bob, Aunt Amy, Uncle Griffin and Aunt Sarah for an AWESOME weekend!!" Holt you are ONE lucky dude! I hope you look back at this pics one day and know how much you are loved. We LOVE you sooooo much you don't even know! Just like the book I got you, WE LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH!!! Happy Birthday little man:)

Best/interesting/tired/funny/and loving year of our lives:)