Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gruene Homestead and River fun!!

Griffin, Johanna, and Dad in the Silo!

Dad,Me,Johanna, and Griffin The family at the Silo
My boo boo from falling down at the river
Me and Johanna!!
This was the Silo!!
Ok, so my dad had the idea to go float the river this weekend in New Braunsfels!! My sister and her husband couldn't go and Bob couldn't go due to work. So Griff and I had to invite friends to go. Well Griff couldn't find anyone and I took my best friend Johanna Powell...We left Friday from Granbury where Johanna lives and Dad and Griff and 2 other guys met us there from Abilene! We stayed at the Gruene Homestead Inn! It was soooo much fun and really pretty! Our little house or as they call it Silo #2, was so neat! It was just liked it looked! There was an upstairs and that's where Johanna and I slept, and dad slept on the couch bed and Griffin slept on the floor!
So Friday when we got there we immediately went to the Gristmill restaurant for dinner, and then we went to listen to a couple of bands at the Gruene Hall next door! It was sooo much fun...Roger Staulbeck (sp.) was there too we got to meet him!!
Then on Saturday we ventured over to the Comal River because the Guadalupe was going way too fast! We had alot of fun, until my dad and I wiped out!! We didn't know that there was a part of the river to the left that would shoot you down, but dad and I didn't see that so we went down a 4 foot drop in our tubes. OK, I know that doesn't sound bad until it happens to you...he went first cause I was tied to him then I went...I had every ones shirts and I.D.s and shoes, ( I don't know how I ended up with it all but oh well) and when we went over I lost it all! I thought I died! Luckily after everyone was done laughing, they started catching all the things I dropped and that were drifting off! Luckily we found it all down the river!!
Basically we had a great time and had great sun!! (We all got sun burnt!) I highly recommend everyone to check out the Gruene Homestead Inn!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

We had soooo much fun, despite the heat!! Hopefully next time I won't lose so much money! I went wanting to win a bunch of money and see famous people, and what did I get?? NEITHER:(

Ok, I did it...

I did it, I gave in, I'm officially a blogger!! I couldn't find a good reason why I needed to, but I just went on vacation with Bob and have some great pictures, and I am a kindergarten teacher and ALWAYS have the cutest stories to tell!! Now I can share them on my blog!!

Bob and I went to Vegas for a week and had sooo much fun, we can't wait to go back! And no, I didn't win a thing!! Even though it was 118 degrees, some how we managed to have the best time!! Bob was the photographer and I was the person who was always 5ft. behind Bob cause I couldn't keep up with him and the heat!! I totally suggest anyone to go there!!

I start school back in about 30 days, and believe it or not, I can't wait! I am really excited to see my kids from last year! The first year was really hard, but those sweet kiddos kept me going, I LOVE THEM!! So, this is all for now but I can't wait to be a blogger all the time!!