Monday, June 28, 2010

WICKED new cousins, WICKED softball, and WICKED!!!

My cousin Katie had her little bundle of joy 2 weeks ago and we finally got to meet him...what better way than with his second cousin HOLT! They had no idea what was going on but when we look at these pics later in life they can look at this and see when they first met. Will is precious and TINY! They are in love and after having Holt I see why they are in love:)
Smile Holt
I think he looks like his daddy!
Aunt Jennie and Holt, look at those legs!

Aunt Julie (juju) meeting Holt

Bob and I switched churches in February to The Branch. We LOVE our new church and our new church family. They have been MORE than welcoming. I remember Leigh Ann and Jason ALWAYS doing stuff with their friends from church in the last few years and I never got why they always wanted to hang out with them?? Now that we are going to the church and hanging out with the same people I TOTALLY get it now...they are sooo much fun, loving, and great conversationalists!! (is that a word??) Oh well, being said, they allowed Bob to join their softball team. If you know Bob you know he is a basketball guy, so he was pretty nervous about an unfamiliar sport. He had some Awesome games, OK games, and not so good games. But over all he had a BLAST!! We are so lucky to have these new friends in our lives!! BTW, they won the tournament and got first place!! Yay!!
This is our little mascot Jenna

Yes you saw the title, we went to see WICKED, my first time and the others this was their third or fourth time...It was everything I had heard...I LOVED IT!! Thanks for the tickets mom!! My mom and her girlfriends (my second/third moms) left this morning for their annual girls trip and this year they are going to South Carolina!!
Best Friends...
This picture may not mean much but, in 2007 when we went to New York, this play was either REALLY new or hadn't come out yet, and we saw a poster on the street of New York and took this EXACT picture. I can't find it on my computer...You know how Leigh and I are, can't ever take a normal picture!

Oh did I mention we were on the 8th row!?!? Lots of fun, great girl time, shopping, got our bridesmaids dresses for Griffin and Amy's wedding (Nov. 20th:) lots of good food, dad came to visit, shopping, and laying out!! Great week last week!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tummy Time and an engagement!!!

I got some good pics of these cutie doin some tummy time!! He is so good at it:)

We were helping Griff think of some ways to propose to his girlfriend for the last couple of months. My mom thought we should put HOLT some where in the mix since Griff loves him sooo much so this is what we came up with....cute huh??? After all the pics, check out the proposal sweet...Good job Leigh, Mom, and myself!! SHE SAID YES BTW!!
After he proposed we all surprised them at the famous PERINIS!! All her closest friends and family were there. Thanks mom and dad for picking up the tab for everyone:)

The basket of goodies Leigh Ann and I got for her....Help her get started on the planning!!

He also got to meet both of his Great Grandmas this weekend...they loved him of course!!

Jonah's new hairdo...
And the future Mr. and Mrs. Hess!!