Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas has come and gone:(

This year was a great Christmas...We had alot of fun and family time! We spent Christmas Eve with mom and her Apt. and she spoiled us rotten!! We had a great dinner and conversations. Dad came that night and we spent Christmas day with him!! I think we had a great Christmas. Here are some pics from the week!! I don't know why I didn't get any pics at my moms:(
Early morning breakfast at Leigh and Jason's

My Monkey bread wasn't completely cooked in the middle, oops!!

Opening our stockings

This is my dad's ghetto stocking, I couldn't find one that I liked last minute, hahaha!!

Bob got me the chopping knife I wanted, for cooking of course!!
Haha, isn't this shirt funny, Bob put it in my stalking, and yes, he is a UPS driver!!
Gloves from me!
Leigh Ann's new apron from Jason!
showing off her new apron, rug, and slippers from Jason, good job!!

SURPRISE!! Leigh Ann got me one!!

Leigh Ann made a breakfast casserole!!
Leigh Ann's gift to Jason, I think the following pics will show how much he and we liked it!

DAD not helping

they didn't want to smell!!
YAY!! Success!!
HAHA, this is my school picture this year, so when I got them I thought I would be funny and turn it into a key chain for Bob, isn't that funny, he still has it on there!!
Bob's perfect tea maker from Leigh Ann, he LOVES it

Griffin and Amy came on Sunday and stayed till Tuesday, and we shopped alot and got pedis!! It was great!! Hope you enjoyed the pics and I can't wait to see what the new year brings!! Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finishing up the year with LOTS of pictures

The director with her lovely assistants, you guys are the best!! My lovely North pole friends waiting for the curtains to open!!

Mrs. and the Mr.
Trying to keep up with the lines!
The whole Surfin Santa Cast
Some of my backstage beauties!!
Two of my best friends showed up to the play and surprised me!! Thanks guys you are the best!!
Jodie and Jayden, they came to watch the play!!
Patiently waiting for Santa's arrival, no helicopter, dang fog! We were waiting too!!
Best Buds



There are some of Santa's helpers

Mrs. Webb and Tori
Class party

Yummy Food
My pitiful class Christmas tree, I like it!

We love our new books from the book exchange!

Class Picture

The ladies, my special ed teacher and her assistant

Surfin Santa school play

One of the scene changes
Last performance speech

All the 6th graders that were in the playLeigh and Jason couldn't make it but they met up with us for dinner afterwards!!Jayden is my biggest fanNow this is me on the couch recovering from Strep throat, go figure, I am exhausted but had a blast and I guess now I have to rest and finish shopping!!