Sunday, March 28, 2010

Honoring Baby Will

Saturday we went to Dallas to honor Katie and Baby Will. It was very sweet shower with family and friends. Katie got lots of goodies to spoil Will with. Here are some pics of the family!!
Oooops!! Ashley and I showed up in the same freaking outfit. This happens alot, but its usually are accessories that we have the it was all the above!! We had a good laugh, people already think we look alike so this didn't help!! Hahaha, great minds think alike!!The Hess side

My dads lovely sisters!!
Me and Fousin (friend + cousin)
Girl Cousins
The Prego girls!
Holt=any day...Will=June
Leigh Ann and aunt LaLa

Holt should be here anyday!! Check my blog and facebook for updates. Today we put the car seat in the car, set up the bouncer thing, stroller, monitor, etc...So Leigh Ann is officially ready!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Black Eyed Peas Concert!!!

LUDACRIS!!!Boom Boom Boom!!!
We ended up in a suite thanks to a great friend Melissa!! She is student teaching at my school right now!! She totally hooked us up!! Thanks Melissa!!
We were RIGHT in the middle!! Awesome seats and Awesome concert!!

Tried for a group shot!! These are my teaching buddies!!
They had some awesome sets!!

Luda and Fergi in Glamorous!! She is sooo pretty!!!
My Dancing Partner!! We were sore the next day!!

Ranee on the left is almost 7 months preggers, and she still sang and danced her booty off!!
Look how close we were to all the people and the floor!!
Dancing and singing to the CD of course after the concert!!! Crazy Girls!!

We had sooooo much fun and we were sad it was over because we knew it was the end of our spring break and because it was such a great concert!! I had so much fun! Thanks Girls!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Holt's Last Shower!!

Last week was Holt's last shower. It was so cute and sweet. The colors, food, company, and great gifts. Holt is already so loved!! I will let you enjoy the rest of the pics!!