Sunday, January 20, 2008

Anniversary #2

Well today is mine and Bob's 7 Year dating anniversary!! We really don't celebrate (well we do go to dinner) or give gifts, but we do like to talk about how 7 years ago on Jan. 20th the day of winter formal for Cooper High School Bob sent me a dozen pink roses. We both had different dates, but that night after the dance we ditched our lame dates and hung out the rest of the night, and ever since then we have been together everyday!! For some reason I like this anniversary better, it reminds me of puppy love, high school, college, the best proposal, wedding planning, and then our wedding!! We have been through so many great things together and have been to so many places!! Best seven years spent!! Many, Many more to come!! Thank you Johanna for telling me that day that Bob had a crush on me!! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Really, Again??

Well if you are one of my frequent bloggers, you will remember that in September after only nine days of school I got Strepp Throat!! Well believe it or not, yesterday was the ninth day since I have been back from Christmas Break and I got it again!! I hate it, it's not fun, I do like how Bob takes care of me though!! Next time one of my 5 year olds sneezes on me, I am going to spray myself with Lysol!!! Oh Well!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

8 Years in the making!!

Eight years ago on Feb. 14th, I went with Jason Weltzin to pick up some roses and take them over to Johanna Powell's house because I was in the making of a hook up!! It took high school, 4 years at OU, more school in Arizona, a job in D.C., a job in Granburry, and now both in San Diego to get an engagement and I couldn't be more excited!! It will probably be in August but still not sure!! I can not wait, Johanna is my life long best friend and Jason is a great friend as well and I couldn't be more happy for them!! I can't wait to be a apart of this great day!! Love you Johanna!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Well, I start back school tomorrow with kids, this year we didn't get a work day because the way that the calendar landed!! Oh well, I can't wait...I like to go back and hear all the things my kids got over Christmas!! It's so cute!! So I thought I would make a quick list of things that I did over break instead of tell you every little detail...that gets here I go, Have a great new year and lets count down till summer!!!

-"I am Legend" (scariest movie ever!!)
-Lot's of shopping
-guitar hero
-Stephenville Tx
-Main Event at least 4 times, can't get enough shuffle board!!
-MORE guitar hero ( I am REALLY good)
-Juno (loved it!!)
-vacuuming with my new KONE!!
- and last but not least eating, football, and guitar hero...did I already mention those???
Can you tell what I did the most of????