Friday, July 25, 2008

Bachelorette and Las Vegas Fun

Sorry about all the pictures, if you can't tell I have been having alot of fun since last Friday!! It started with a trip to Austin to celebrate my Best Friends bachelorette party!! We stayed down town and got sushi and went dancing, and then on Saturday we floated the river. About the river, I was pretty disappointed, not with the people I was with or the river, but all the other nasty people and their behaviors on the river!! I was very offended by alot of the people on the river, they were throwing up in it, peeing in it, exposing themselves EVERYWHERE, and horrible horrible language! I was so ready to be done after 3 1/2 hours!! Other than that we had fun in Austin. I had to leave early so I could be back to go to Vegas!!

My dad, Bob, and I all headed to Vegas on Sunday morning and stayed thru Thursday! One of my dad's good friends growing up in California, Sue, and her daughter Traci joined us on Monday evening and we got spend alot of time with them while we were there! They were so much fun and it was great visiting them. We haven't seen them in awhile so we got to catch up! Then one of my teacher friends Jodie and her husband just so happened to celebrate their anniversary in Vegas so we met up with them a couple of times during the week! We had a blast if you couldn't tell from the pictures! If you have been reading my blog then you remember Bob and I going a year ago!! It is fun as a couple and just as much fun with friends! We did so much I can't even begin to blog about that so I will let the pics do the talking!! One weird story from Vegas, on Wednesday night we were leaving dinner and we walked out of Planet Hollywood to find the whole strip shut off! There had been a bomb threat at the Bellagio or suspicious bags, so they wouldn't let anyone go past that so we all had to walk towards MGM and they weren't running any taxis!! We were literally walking in the streets, it was kind of chaotic and weird so we just walked back to our hotel and played some slots and black jack!! So that is about it!! Hope you enjoy all the pictures if you are still reading!! Next post, SAN DIEGO!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

2 more weddings!!

This weekend started with a wedding on Friday night at Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine. (no pics) It was one of my close friends that I might at my school when she did her student teaching...It was really pretty and alot of fun! I forgot my camera, but thats ok cause I wore the same dress the next night at Brandon Caddell's wedding in Abilene on Saturday! Brandon's wedding made wedding #3! It was alot of fun and Griffin looked handsome and it was fun to see all of his friends that I had to deal with and pick up from school for 2 years :(!! They always gave me trouble but it was worth the hassel, they are really great guys!! Enjoy the pics, next post, VEGAS BABY!! We leave in a week!!