Saturday, February 26, 2011

NOT a fan of 2011 and Lazy Aunt:(

I don't even know where to begin...I want to say just read the title and that will explain my life right now, but I will go into detail for the readers (not sure who actually reads this??)
So here it goes...
All my pics are out of order, I have a new thing on my computer that uploads funny so just skip around with me. If you read my last post I mentioned/asked for prayers for Bob's UPS job. They ended up letting Bob go on Monday Jan. 31st because of the reck he was in! I felt like our world ended that day. Did I mention I had to go put on a big girl smile for 20 5 year olds ALL DAY!! Hardest day of my life!! The next day was a snow day, and the next, and the next, AND the next!!! OMG, did we have a lot of time to think about everything!! It was all a blessing in disguise! We had LOTS of prayer going on for Bob and I and we were soooo blessed with phone calls and emails!! Then I found out last week that my co-teacher (blended K) that I have worked with for 3 years, her program got cut from our school. She is preggo too so she had lots of emotions and tears that day. She will now be a RI (resource instructor on our campus). There are a couple of other things going on that I can't mention on blog, but just know its been a rough 2011!!! I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE!!
I have shed LOTS of tears in 2011, (11 used to be my favorite # too)!
Good news: Bob did get a NEW job, he starts this Monday!! It is with a great company (Andy's sprinkler repair), the office is about 7 miles north of our house in South lake, so the drive is GREAT!! He won't have 2 jobs anymore, great pay, etc...We have a friend at church who works at this company and had somebody quit out of no where, and they needed someone to start immediately!! WHAT A BLESSING!! I love how things come together. And as far as Mandy (co-teacher) goes, she DOES have a job and she is still at our school so it will be hard but maybe this is all a blessing too!
So, there is lots of change, but like they say, "when one door closes, another one opens!!" I will keep you updated on more changes, Bob's new job, and whatever comes our way!! Enjoy the random pics!! Not posting pics of the cutest nephew is why im a LAZY aunt BTW!! Ill work on that!!
Snow day #3!! CABIN FEVER at this point

"sleepy superman"
Thank you Uncle Bob for the coolest shirt ever
Uncle Griff playing superman
My cousin Jahna's princess Journee!! Love the headband! She is a DOLL

This is boring!!

Memaw and Journee

Me, Jahna, and Leigh Ann! It was a great day!!