Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Wedding #1 (lots of pictures!!)

Me and my bud Nathan!!
The whole Gang!!
Dancing with NO dates :(
On our way to Houston
This is the good picture that Johanna finally decided to take! The future Mr. and Mrs.
Nathan, Amy, Me, and Josh.
Me and the handsome groom!
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Elizabeth Caddell!! Such a great wedding!
Me and Amy

Jason bought that watch in California and he wore it in the wedding and to the is a giant ying yang with diamonds in and around the watch!! So funny!!

Amy and Johanna
this is the not so serious picture of Johanna!! Shocker!!

long lost high school buddies!!
Me and my beautiful mother!
me and Johanna
The girls

This weekend me, Amy, and my mom drove to Houston to go to one of my long life best friends wedding in Houston! Brian and Elizabeth got married on Saturday in Katy at a beautiful church and then we went to the Houston country Club for the reception!! It was all so pretty and worth the long drive!! As you can see from the pictures I got to see some of my best friends from High School!! We had so much fun in our short 17 hour trip to Houston!! We stayed at the Omni and got to hang out afterwards and visit till 3:00am, I usually go to bed at 10:00 so that was a big deal!! I hope you enjoy the pictures I think you can tell I had a great time and can't wait to see everyone again at Johanna and Jason's wedding!! I love my friends!! My mom wanted me to let all of you know what a great job she did taking the pictures, Leigh Ann knows that she ALWAYS takes bad pictures, so I am giving a shot out to my mom and her great photography!!
Oh, and a side note, my Friend "Erin", she is on my friends link is selling those cute letters and crosses on her website kind of like what Cassie does just different items!! You should really check it out, she is really talented and so sweet. I have 9 things that she has made me and I love them all!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Weekend!!

At Pf Changs for dinner, it's my dads new favorite!
Of course these are out of order, oh well...We invited Ernie to join us on Saturday night since she couldn't be with her family!! We did a lot of trash talking that night!!
Jason learning how to bowl on our new Wii...We took it over to Leigh's new house to play...there was a lot of competition going on that night...Bob dominated!! Oh, and Leigh is horrible at b-bal!!
Need I say more show off!! He is good at baseball and that's it...really!!!
Griffin forgot his sunglasses so he had to borrow mine so he wouldn't get a headache!! Loser!!
Griffin and Amy at dinner.
Me and Bob!! He got a really spicy meal, can you tell he was burning up??
Boom Blox champs...NOT
Secret Lovers, that's what they are!!
Do we look like we should be on the Hills since Leigh Ann gave us cool drinking glasses??? HAHA
Overall we had a great weekend. I think my dad really enjoyed fathers day, actually I know he did cause now he is at home relaxing on his new recliner we got him...lucky!! Happy Father's Day Dad!!! I think he is going to be all Wii'd out!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My 1st summer weekend!!

This weekend was officially my first weekend of summer and it was a great start. My aunt Julie asked my dad and brother to come to Houston to help them move, and they asked me to tag along, so glad I went!! You will be able to tell by the pictures what I did all weekend!! It was sooo much fun and I am so glad that I went. Mallory my cousin also hitched a ride and surprised her mom and dad and they were so excited to see her!! Bailey is a doll and she is such a GREAT baby...I was there from Friday evening till Sunday morning and she didn't cry once!! She is such a good baby and we had so much fun with her...I will let the pictures tell you the rest!! Thank you Sally and Justin for a great weekend!!