Thursday, June 14, 2012


We had a blast on the train!!!

- Laura Webb

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Second child blog syndrome!! LATE, lots of pics, and out of order!!

 Showing Big Brother little brother

 We had  to remind him that even with a new brother, you still get spoiled with gifts!!

 Confused why Mommy is in bed?!?
 Missed his mommy!!
Uncle Griff

 Relieved after all the scariness of the birth, that Tate and mommy are healthy!!

 First Bath

 Look at those eyes!!!
 Relaxed and ready....Little did we know what a journey we were about to face!!
 Last Preggo pic!
 He's here....Tate James Booker...April 27th 8:55am 8lbs 110z  ( i think thats right :)

 Exhausted and sleep
 Happy/relieved daddy

 Coco and her Tater

 These next few pics are from the night before Tate arrived...We read, kissed, and prayed ONE more time before they were a family of 4!!  It was a very sweet and memorable moment!! Glad we were able to capture this moment!!

I wasn't there for this pic, but apparently HOLT did NOT want to take a picture with his new brother!!

 Melt my heart!!!!!!

 Mother's Day weekend in Stephenville....He loved the water!!
 while Mommy and daddy were at the hospital, i took HOLT to the toy store to pick out some toys...He was not happy in this pic because the clerk took his cars to scan...PITIFUL!!!


 He wore the same outfit home Holt did!!

 Ready to leave the hospital with his new "big boy" bag!!

 baby?  Tate?  Baby??  He kept saying shhhhhh!!
 Aunt Mammie!!

 Loving the attention
 I hope Tate loves Uncle Bob as much as Holt does?!?

 Proud Papa

 Tired and in love:)
 First Family of 4 picture!!

proud aunts