Monday, August 25, 2008

2 Showers in one day, not those kind!

My date and Johanna
Bride and Matron
The wedding cake at the night shower...I guess they want kiddos??
Elizabeth, me, and Johanna having fun!
At the morning shower
opening gifts

Today was the first day of school...I don't have pics from that because I have to have the parents consent before I post pictures! It was such a fun and exhausting day today!! I love my job, but I remember why I love my summers so much...This past weekend I went to Abilene for Johanna's 2 showers...they were lots of fun and she got some great gifts! I really enjoyed hanging out with the girls and catching up! So I should have a school post soon so you can meet my kiddos and see how cute they are!! Keep looking for school and future wedding pics from Johanna's Sept 13th wedding!! Yay to all the teachers out there on your first day!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

San Diego

The exact spot where Jason proposed! Coronado
Johanna and her son Charlie!
The Weltzin's home!! I loved it, it's so cute!!
Jason named it the "Eagles Nest"
This is Hotel Del Coronado where Jason proposed!! It was breathtaking!
Downtown, the Gas lamp District!
Can you imagine doing Pilate's on that beach? Lucky
Fred's in Old Down town! Yum

Our little Australian restaurant! Bondi
Johanna's pinkberry, captain crunch, fruity and coco pebbles!! Wowzers
Love it!
Hotel Coronado beach area

A great view from Johanna and Jason's porch!
Pacific Beach

Last Friday I headed to San Diego to see my best friend Johanna and her fiance!! If you can't tell from the pictures I had the best time! We got to do alot of wedding stuff and alot of down time!! Exactly what I needed right before school!! Johanna and Jason live in a great location! They live in between downtown, La Jolla, and Pacific Beach! She took me to all the beaches and we spent some time in down town cause that is where her mom and step dad were staying!! We all had a blast. Jason was at his Bachelor party in Vegas for the first 2 days, so we had plenty of girl time! She gets married in one month to the day, and I can't wait!! I hooked her and Jason up in Feb. of 2000, and she hooked up Bob and I in Jan. of 2001, so we are 2 of the best high school sweet hearts!! Johanna you are my best friend and I don't know what I would do without you!! I love you POPPIT!!! (Inside joke!)