Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Holt...

I am dedicating this LAST summer post and my 100th post to my one and only (literally) favorite nephew. I want him to know one day what an AWESOME summer we shared. I spent EVERY moment I could with this sweet face. Holt, some of our favorite things we did this summer consisted of...LOTS of trips to the mall, long car rides to Abilene and Stephenville, sweet moments in the nursery at church, lots of mall bathrooms to change diapers, new clothes, lots of food (milk for him) and lots of sweet smiles. We had so much fun and I'm so sad to see it come to an end. I hope you know how much aunt LaLa loves you! I think about you EVERY day and I always smile when I think of you. I'm shedding a tear as I type this cause I'm going to miss seeing you almost every day!! I love you HOLT BRADLEY BOOKER!! Make sure your mom and dad send me lots of pics during the day!!! I LOVE YOU boo boo!!!