Sunday, May 10, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week and Field Day Fun!!

This week was our teacher appreciation week! We had such a great week, Mandy and I were so spoiled, we got AWESOME gifts all week...On Friday I left school with $185 dollars in gift cards!! WOW are you kidding, I must be doing something right!! Here are some more gifts I got. Above: Jack got us some cool sunglasses, mine had "Webs" on them:)
A cute stationary a mom made!!

Homemade Brownies, Bob ate them ALL
close up of my web glasses
Room #3 teachers...Love them (Ok, I know the ribbon is too much, but if you know me you know I love bows and glitter and anything girly!! Any excuse to do those things, I'm all over it. One of the moms bought me glitter hairspray!! Hello, I loved it!!!)
My sweet girls!!
Yes, I provided for EVERY girl!! SO CUTE
Love the boys!!
2008-2009 Webb/Moore class

We had so much fun this week if you can't tell...Aren't their shirts cute, lot of work but so worth it..all the other classes have a color too so we looked like a bunch of skittles!! 16 more days can't wait, but I always have a hard time sending these cuties to first grade!! Hang in there teacher friends.!!