Sunday, December 4, 2011

Whats been going on?!?!

Showing off my new hat and Bob's hat...we NEVER wear it was picture worthy:)

Holt helping me off the slide

Leigh Ann made us do it!

We try and be sweet sometimes:)

My kindergarten "besties" at our annual kinder feast

The Booker's

Love...even though he wants Bob in this picture


This is Bob and I at our River Trails Christmas party! We had a lot of fun and great conversations!!

Daddy and Son

Me and Keaton

Me, Mandy, and Keaton

My "old" teammate.

The "black heads" as they call us! Not sure why:)
Bob and Johnny...
This is whats been going on...We have been busy at home and school...Bob has Mondays off right now since they slow down in the winter so that has been awesome. He worked sooooo hard this summer and all this time off is well deserved...We have 10 school days till Christmas break and I am so excited!! I LOVE my class this year, but there is nothing like those 2 weeks of vacation!! I'M SOOOO GLAD its December...I love this month and EVERYTHING about it! Baking, gift buying...wrapping...and giving, Christmas music and decorating!!! Tomorrow we find out if we are having another "nephew" or a "niece"!!!!!!! I know what I want, but healthy is fine with me!!!!!!! See y'all soon!!!