Sunday, February 22, 2009

SURPRISE!!! Happy 50th Mom!

My papa loved Jonah!
Leigh Ann spreading out the balloons

Mom was so embarrassed when she saw her picture!!
Everyone already thinks that Ashley and I look alike, so how do you think we felt when she came to the door!! Oops! We look good though
Memaw not so much
Chatting with some guests

Her cool cake

Oops more pictures!! Sorry Mom
Leigh Ann and I did such a great job planning all of this!! It was fun and yummy
Mom just walked in and realized that this was a surprise!! She thought she was coming over to eat at Campizi's (sp)
Mom and Karen, my mom was crying at this point

She just found the pictures, haha
so embarrassed
Happy Birthday to you....

Jason cut this out free hand!! good job bro in law
Birthday girl!
Party Pooper
The Hess girls!

The family
Bob loves balloons
Aunt Leigh Ann
Just got the news he could release them
He was sooooo excited!!

Bye, bye balloons and the weekend!! Happy birthday mom!! We love you and wanted your birthday to be special and remember able!! Your the best mom and we are so lucky to have you in our lives!! THANK YOU for everything you have done for us, we can't thank you enough!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jonah & Friends and The 100th day!!

We went to our friends house to introduce Jonah to Jayden, I had my hands full:)
Bob playing with his buddy!!!

Johnny acting like he likes Jonah!

Jonah actually was not very fond of Jayden:(

Jonah keeping a close eye
My girlfriend at school got Jonah a little outfit!! He did not like it!!
He loves Bob
On Thursday we celebrated the 100th day of school!! It was a LONG day!!

They loved the door decoration

Our cool 100's glasses

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's A....

A BOY!!!
Jonah Webb
Born October 13th 2008
On Friday my great friend Ernie and I drove down to Austin Texas to pick up the newest member of our family! Bob and I decided around Christmas time that we were ready to take the next step in our marriage and get a dog. This is actually our early Valentines gift to each other. My mom's brother's wife breeds Pomeranian, so about 2 weeks ago I called her to see if she had any puppies available!! She had one little bitty boy all white one left! She gave us an awesome deal, thanks Tenzy and Jahna for all your help! So Ernie and I drove down there right after school on Friday and met Mr. Jonah. (that name is a name we picked from one of our favorite TV shows on HBO, Summer Heights High!) We made the trip home and he was very nervous and I think confused. He got to meet alot of friends and family yesterday so he is already spoiled...And the best part, since he is already 4 months, he is kind of potty trained!!!!! Now remember, I am not having kids or not any time soon, so let me have my 15 minutes and show off my dog. I am registered at Petco and Petsmart, no shower scheduled yet!! JK Enjoy all the pictures, I'm a little proud!!
Just getting in the car!
Ernie helping out!
He had some static in the car!!
He got scared when Ernie rolled down the window!

He was a little confused when he got home!
He doesn't like being outside when it is windy, his ears went away!

First Bath!

First nap with Bob

First car wash with Bob
This is so funny, he takes his food and toys and sits under our kitchen table!
My boys!

He likes EVERYTHING..he even took the mail out of my hand.
Aunt Leigh Ann bought him some treats, thanks Leroy!
Aunt Leigh Ann, (P.S. she doesn't even like dogs, but Jonah is an exception.)
The "new" Webb family
Uncle Jason
Early morning this morning...He was sleepy from crying all night...that is normal right? :)
Jonah is still waiting to meet grandpa and grandma...I KNOW grandma Coco will LOVE him RIGHT Grandma????? and Aunt Amy and Uncle Griffin!! I hope you enjoyed the pics...there will be ALOT more!!