Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthdays, Parties, Santa, & an Anniversary

On Friday Bob and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!! It was also my last day of school too, so it was great day!! He sent me a beautiful arrangement of Christmasie (sp)flowers/roses. I also had a VERY sweet card in my car that morning. I especially like this years card cause it wasn't just about who happy he is, how he can't believe its been 5 yrs, etc....It was about how I taught him "how" to love. He told me how he really didn't know what true love was till we were married and I showed him. It was a great start to my day. Then after a LONG last day of school I came home and took a cat nap and then headed to Trulucks in South Lake and did a little shopping. I'm so happy with my life and marriage with Bob, he is such a BLESSING in my life. Here is to MANY more!! I love you Bob!!
Waiting for Santa to arrive by helicopter!!
Best Kinder Team:)
Eating at the new Chuy's in Ft. Worth and celebrating my 28th birthday!!

Holt LOVES when CoCo sings Pat-t-cake!! A cute onesie in honor of my birthday!!
In shock from seeing Santa
CoCo and HoltSo cute, he didn't mind Santa at year may be a different story:)
Bob got me new luggage from Vera!! Great Job!!
2010 Ornament pic
Paula, Ashley (Rhett), and Traci at Maggionos
Traci, Katie, and Me!! They surprised Andrea and I with a birthday celebration too!!
Julie, Leigh Ann, Amber, and Andrea
Holt LOVES the Superman Ornament from Uncle Bob

Tired at 8 months
My favorite Santa
RTE Christmas Party!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hess Wedding OVERLOAD!!!

Last weekend we all headed to Salado for Griffin and Amy's wedding!! It was sooo much fun and the bride and groom were calm and beautiful!! The pictures are so good, the weather was PERFECT and everyone got along and we had a HAPPY bride. We are sooooooo blessed and excited to have Amy in our family now...Thank you Blacklocks and Hess's' for an amazing wedding weekend. It wouldn't have been possible without both sets of parents. Enjoy all the pics!! We had a blast!