Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Graduation!!! Finally:)

This past weekend we headed over to Abilene to celebrate with Family and Friends for Griffin's ACU graduation!! Yes it took a long time, but we ALL helped get Griffin through this cause we knew how important it was to him, his family and friends. Amy REALLY helped Griffin as a girlfriend, fiance, and a WIFE!! She has been SOOOOO patient and helpful in all of this and we couldn't be more blessed with her in our lives...Way to go Amy and Griffin!! Now ya'll can be a "real" married couple!! Hahaha, no more homework!! Believe it or not, this was Leigh Ann and I first ACU graduation!!! We decided not to walk when we graduated, she was out of the country and I had JUST gotten married and didn't care:) Glad Griff got through all this and now he can work on his career!! Way to go Griffin:)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week and Baby McKinley's School Shower

This week was teacher appreciation week! We were spoiled ALL week with lots of goodies. The one pictured above was one of our favorites!! KINDERGARTEN does rock!! We love getting spoiled and we want to thank ALL the parents!!
We loved it so much we had a "twinsie" day:)

On Thursday we showered Mandy and baby McKinley at our school shower. This was my FIRST girl shower to host at school. It was very girlie and pink!! We all did a great job planning and it was alot of fun and great gifts too!! Now we get to decorate her cute room. Happy Baby Shower McKinley!!

So cute:)

Yummy cupcakes...that was her theme

I found that gift bag at Paper Source...LOVE it...I also got her a journal too to write down her gifts in too...

Some cute cupcake out fits from the Kinder team.

Kinder Team

Duh, silly pic:)

Writing McKinley's name in the journal


The gifts from the kinder team


My usual head on the belly pic

McKinley and Brady already love each other:)

"Baby Bump" hahaha