Thursday, March 27, 2008

And the winner is....??

OK, those of you who know me (or my sister) knows that we are semi-obsessed with MTV shows. One of our favorites is THE REAL WORLD!! I know there have been ALOT, some better than others, but I found out the other day that this coming up WEDNESDAY they are having a REAL WORLD awards show...There will be people there from all 19 seasons, (I am missing 5 in my line-up!) I know you guys think that I am weird, but this is the show I would sneak to watch growing up or would go to a friends house to watch it, or sneak out of the dorm and go to an older friends house to watch them!! I have seen them ALL, EVERY single episode!! I think my favorite was New Orleans and Hawaii, I am going old school on those!! My least favorite, Las Vegas (dirty) and Austin!! BLAH!! Please join me next Wednesday to support the semi-famous Real Worlders!!! I think I am officially a loser...oh well...maybe Leigh Ann won't think so!! Enjoy!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

2 Birthdays...letters...and randomness??? I think?

Bob's 26th and Jason's 30thth! Happy Birthday!
Of course these are out of order...Oh well
This is the lovely picture of me and my dad...turned out pretty good huh? This is for you dad!!
Me and Cousin Mal!! Love her!

This is the GIANT "W" that my teacher friends made for my kitchen!!

This is the GIANT "C" that they made for baby Caden and Thompson!! I think she liked it!! SO CUTE!! I'm Jealous, of the "C" that is!!

This is the "Laugh" they made for my living room....soooooo cute!! Bob "laughs" every time he walks in the house...hahahaha Don't forget her link is on the right, (ERIN) and you can ask her or myself if you want her to make you something!!

I HEART Texas Star Bakery!!!

Part of Bob's gift from Leigh Ann...I hate them, can you tell?

Our gift to Jason...He loved it!

Bob and Jason's free dessert from the restaurant!!

The whole crew at the most amazing restaurant ever, McCormick and Shmicks (sp?) in North Park freaking good!!

Couple #1

Mom and Bobby

He really does love me...Leigh Ann made me do this? Surprised?

Love him!! Happy Birthday!!

Sorry for the most random blog ever...

Not Pictured: Cafe Brazil, the aquarium, shop, shop, shop, more dessert, Big Fish for dinner, rain, snow, and a very cute baby shower for one of my sister's best friends and mine kind was so much fun and ALL the babies there were soooooo know who you are!! Can't wait to see Caden...What a crazy week last week..but alot of fun!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A little Plug!

I just wanted to show off what 2 great friends of mine from school made me!! They have been making alot of these, and since I am not crafty, I just pay for them to make it for me. They make crosses, BIG letters, small, mixed, and in whatever scrapbooking paper you want!! I will have a picture of where I put this in my house later this week!! One of the girls who makes these is on my blogger friends links...Her name is should see all the cute stuff in her house...If you like what you see or think of something you want, let me know and we can see if they can make it!! I also have another picture of a letter, but I am giving it to a fellow blogger friend, and I don't want her to peek!! Enjoy!!