Monday, April 26, 2010

Mondays are my Favorite day of the week!!

Monday Nights=This little guy and softball games...We always take dinner over to Leigh's house and then we head over to the game...I did as much as I could for Leigh Ann the hour I was there...He is such a good baby; I got to burp, change, kiss, put PJs on, swaddled, and then put him to bed...I'm getting better...Leigh Ann was able to use the restroom and fix dinner, we make a good team!!BURP!!
Working on making a dirty diaper
Funny face, but little do you know, he just made a BIG Poo!! Good Boy Holt!!
Happy he made a poo:)
Mommy snuck in some sweet kisses!!

I took a naked picture when mommy left the room!! Look at those rolls!!
Look at him looking at me:)
After my aunt duties, I headed to the game to find these friends...Sweet Karri and Cole
Katie and one of her babies
Love him
Look at those cheeks!!
Amber and Jenna

And there's#31 doing an AWESOME job in the outfield...Even though they lost, Bob did a great job!! I had a great Monday night!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Helping out with Holt!

Coco and Holt. This is my moms home away from will usually find her sitting in this very spot. Holt loves his Coco!! She has been a huge blessing to Jason and Leigh helping them adjust to new parents!!
Today I took the day off to help Leigh Ann out with Holt. We had so much fun with NO sleep...I tried too hard to help that I only ended up with spread out 4 hours of sleep...I'm NOT ready to be a mom!! I think the sleep thing is the only thing that is keeping me from being excited about it...that's a tough job. Holt is such a good baby and soooo cute...we had fun, I'm the burping champ, baby clothes folder, and picture taker and I LOVE doing all those jobs to help Leigh Ann out!! He looks like Jason now huh??

Dazed and confused!!

On a side note...early this morning Leigh Ann heard a loud "thump!" We couldn't figure out what it was, and then Leigh looked outside and saw the bird laying on the ground...he had flown into the glass:( I was sooo sad and Leigh Ann and mom could have cared less....I checked on the bird more than Holt today:(

This is where you will usually find Leigh Ann...this is her "feeding" spot. Holt loves his mommy!!TIRED

Just burped and feeling good.

I love him more than words could express...I am a very proud aunt!!

Thank you for letting me come hangout today!! I can't wait till summer!!!! I love you Holt:)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap up with Holt!

We had so much fun this weekend playing, feeding (Leigh Ann), watching, holding, staring, and loving on Mr. Holt. He is soooooo amazing. I know he is not "MY" baby, but now I know what all those moms are talking about when you feel that new love!! He is so spoiled beyond means. He slept yesterday ALOT in his crib, which made us all happy, Coco watched him while we all went to dinner too. Leigh Ann and Jason are doing so good about sharing time with Holt, family, and all their visitors. They are awesome parents! Bob and I are so lucky to live in the same town, I don't know how I could wait to see that lil booger. I have a lot of pics so enjoy. I'm not a crazy aunt, its just hard not taking pics of him!! Enjoy!

He loves his passy (sp)

Getting a manicure!

Cute Feet

He looks like Griffin in the one above.
Kisses from mom and dad.
Lots of hair!!
Coco and Holt
Headed to see Holt come home!Wonder who this is from?
Showing off his new shirt
Here they come!!!!

Welcome Home Bookers
Introducing Jonah and Holt
First time in his crib!

I snuck in their room to see what they were doing...Shocker??? All we did while they slept was watch Holt sleep...Who would have thought watching people sleep would be sooo much fun?

Griffin entertaining himself till its his turn to hold Holt

Hope you enjoyed the picks...I guess I will be blogging more...I actually have a reason now!! Glad he is here, but now its back to reality. 36 school das left till summer!!!! Im sooo excited!