Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby shower and Fun with Jonah!!

This was the adorable table we put together for Ranee's baby shower at school!! Thanks Leigh Ann for some of the decorations. Ranee is a volleyball player and coach on the side and we found a baby blue volleyball that says, "my first volley!" so cute, we all signed it for baby Dalton!

This is the diaper bag we got for her gift!!

The best kindergarten team ever!!

I love prego bellies, just not on me!!
I got bob a superhero puzzle for his birthday and Jonah was no help!!

I would love to have such a hot UPS man come to my door with a cute little puppy in his pouch and his fly down!! Jealous?

I mean really how cute????

We went to the park today cause it was soooo nice today!!
running with Bob

Me and Jonah boy!

OOps!! He got a hold of my camera holder!! What a great start to spring break!! Alot of shopping, Bob and Jonah time, and hopefully good weather!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy 27th Bobby!!

Today was Bob's birthday!! We had a great weekend, ate ALOT, and got to spend alot of time together!! I love him so much and we have a blast everywhere we go!! We went to Snuffers on Friday night and then to Dragonberries, (I now know why kids in Southlake have a curfew!! OMG) Saturday we went to Chipolte, got Bob a haircut, went to Oldnavy, took a nap, played with Jonah, met my mom for dinner at Pappadeaux, and then we surprised Bob at the melting Pot with Leigh Ann and Jason!! It was our first time!! He loved it!! Then this morning we went to Bayley's for breakfast (our Fav), took Jonah for a walk, I went to a shower, picked Bob up, went to Academy to get bob new work boots, Borders, another walk and then went to get some AMAZING sushi at Lava Grill!!!!!! What a great weekend!!! He is so spoiled!! I love you honey and hope you had a great birthday!!! I love you!!