Sunday, January 30, 2011


I finally got my computer/camera to like each other again. I don't know what was wrong with them and uploading pics...oh well, Bob helped me so here are the 2 pics I have taken in January. On Saturday the UTA men's basketball team hosted a River Trails night and gave away 400 free tickets to students and their families. We went and it was a lot of fun. One of my students this year, his dad is the head coach and his wife put all this together. It was fun and cute to see all the kids getting autographs and posters after the game.
Miss Olivia made her debut on Ernie's birthday Jan. 19th, so we went to go see her and her parents in the hospital. She looks JUST like Belinda!! I love her chubby little cheeks and her sweet little nose!! I can't wait to watch her grow up!!
Other than that January has been kind of a slow going month. Bob and I celebrated 10 years of dating, or whatever you want to call it. I always say how much I like this anniversary more than our wedding...not sure why, but it takes me back to when we were young and all the adventures we went through till we got married. Holt is great!! He started crawling, which is cute to us, but I think his momma is doing a lot of chasing around the house...I don't think Leigh has a use for a vacuum anymore:)
This past Saturday Bob called me from work around 10am letting me know that he had been in a wreck in his UPS van. I was in shock and didn't even ask any questions?? I knew he was OK, but when he hung up, that's when all the thoughts/questions started going through my head. He didn't see the red light cause a package had fallen and he turned around to look and when he looked up he had hit a lady in her Tahoe. She was OK too, but they did take her to the hospital just in case. If you haven't put two and two together, this isn't good!! Especially when you are a UPS driver. Driving is HIS JOB!! If he doesn't drive, no job!!! We are freaking out a little bit, but trying to stay positive!! He will know more tomorrow morning! SO please say a prayer for Bob and I that everything works out and he doesn't lose his job!! He REALLY loves his job and wants to be there along time. So hopefully this will all work out. I will keep you updated as we know things!! Thanks again for your prayers!!! Here's hoping to a GREAT February!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, well...I'm sooo mad this took so long to post. My camera will NOT upload to my computer for some reason??? So I had to bring my camera to school and upload. Almost all my pics have RED eyes and werent cropped, etc...Oh well...You probably just want to look at pics anyways!! We had a great Christmas and had lots of family time!! I think you can tell who was the most popular this Christmas...its alot more fun with babies (Holt) around. My mom also brought stuff to Leigh Ann's to decorate cookies was ALOT of fun...Bob had never done it so he got pretty creative...He and Leigh Ann had a little battle with each other on who could decorate better...I just watched:) Over all Christmas was great and relaxing!! Above is a pic that hangs in our Bueno by our house...that's the original Taco Bueno in Abilene on South 1st...its not even there anymore...but we used to go when we were little ALL the time after skate night!! MEMORIES!!! Enjoy my random, red eye post!!!