Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July re-cap! Is it over already??

This month had alot going on. Fun, firsts, and friends. The pic above and the next few are at Cheesecake Factory when my dad came to visit. We tried to get everyone in the pics. There are lots of pics in this post so I hope that you stick around.
Griffin and Amy! She just got a teaching job in Abilene and we are so excited for here!!
Dad and his girls.
If you know Leigh Ann you know this is one of her typical stares or "looks" Watch out Jason!!
Much Better
The whole gang!!
This is where "firsts" comes in. We had to leave Jonah for the first time so we could go to San Diego. My co-teacher and friend Mandy said a while back she would love to watch him. TANK is her dog...what a name right?!? Believe it or not they really like each other and got along great. Tank always wanted to play but didn't know how with such a little dog. Mandy said one day Tank was laying down asleep and Jonah walked right up to him and peed on him!! Hahaha I loved that, so cute!! P.S. I cried like a baby when Mandy came to get Jonah:(

This was our first day in San Diego. We had a good lunch and decided to take Charles to the dog beach. If you live in Texas you know we only have dog parks, not in California, they have a WHOLE beach. I think Jonah would get washed up!!

SO cute!
Going home tired and getting ready to cook out!!
Then next morning Johanna dropped us off at the Del Mar beach. Actually her work is across the street so we walked, how nice. She had to go in the office for 2 hours, so we went down like at 930 and stayed till 3!! All three of us got so burned...the sun did come out!!
Showing Off:)

So after getting burned at Del Mar, what would most people go do in California to relax and get a bite?!?!? Yes you guessed it...In-N-Out Baby!! No pics we were stuffing our faces.
The next day at La Jolla beach
We went shopping this night and got sushi and some drinks!! These were our lovely hostess's

She wanted the cherry from my drink....
SIKE......I stuck it up her nose...Hahah..she didn't like it
This was at Coronado Beach!!

Bob was kind of sad because the day after we left SD Comic Con was starting. We missed it by ONE day...we were so close to it. So instead we went down town to take pics and eat some Pinkberry

Taking pics of Comic Con:(

Right before we went to the airport. There was one more day I didn't get any pics. We were having so much fun I forgot to take pics:( We had soooooo much fun. We can't wait to go back next year if not sooner!! Thanks Weltzins, love ya ll!!

Jonah got fixed yesterday, he is doing much better than I thought he would. So today and yesterday have been pretty lazy because of Jonah and the rain, but I LOVE IT!! I only have 24 more days or so till the first day of school. I have a list of some things I want to do or get done before school goes back....I got seven done yesterday while Jonah was at the vet!!! So I guess I am going to live up these last few weeks and relax. Hope you enjoyed the very long post!! See you in August!! hahah

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!

This year we didn't do too much for the 4th. My sister was in New York and Griff was in San Antonio. So my dad decided to come last minute. We shopped on Friday night, swam and had a hamburger at the pool, and then we went to Trulucks for dinner and then we heard a band playing at boomerjacks so we sat there for a couple of ours and listened to them and watched the fireworks across 121 in the distance. I had alot of fun here are some pics.
This is our first real holiday with Jonah, so as a pet owner I had to do the whole themed scarf thing... He didn't like it!!
My Boys
This was my first time making the typical 4th of July cake...the boys LOVED it...I love to bake but I rarely eat my they swore it was delicious!!
Sorry Jonah...just look at it!! Tease
I love this pic...Look how it looks like Jonah is smiling!!!
while my dad was in the shower this morning Jonah went in his room and got ALL of his socks, underwear and beach towel and put them all in a pile!! YUCK
His best buddy, Redman

Happy 4th of July