Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day weekend Fun!!

This weekend Bob and I headed over to Abilene for a relaxing no plans weekend! My dad and I did some shopping and we went to dinner with some of my friends, went to lunch with Mammy, went and saw Indiana Jones...(BLAH) did some more shopping and ate yet once again. Griffin was there but decided to fish instead of hang out with his sister!! Then this morning some of my closest girlfriends got together for a quick breakfast to catch up! Over all we had a great weekend, but now its time to get my classroom together and close another school year:(

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduation Fun

The girl cousins at Bev's grad party!!
Leigh Ann, mom, and me!
Look at those HOT boys!!
I guess we like yellow and black!!

These are a few pictures that we took last Sunday from my cousins graduation from Dallas Christian! It was hot and really crowded. This is the graduation you may have seen on the news about the lady who got shot at North Park! Her son is my cousins best friend. It was a bitter sweet ceremony, but a good one!! My cousin graduated as the class Saludatorian! Yay Beverley!! They are now on a 7 day cruise, Lucky! Well school is almost done I have 4 days left, but yall are going to laugh or agree with me when I say I am not ready for them to go to 1st grade:( I LOVE my class and I am really sad that they are leaving me!! I do love this time of year though...they get so excited for summer and our days are random and filled with brain farts that I have to come up with cause I didn't plan accordingly!! Oh well!! Almost happy Summer!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Day

This mother's day we went to Stephenville to spend it with my mom and grandmother and aunt! We had fun and ate good food. Bob and Jason didn't get to make it this year, Jason was at graduation for his older sister and Bob was delivering 70 sets of flowers all over DFW for UPS and alot of mothers!!! Over all it was fun. And the last picture is of me and 2 teamates who just happened to wear black tops and white pants on the same day!! I love those girls!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Girls just want to have fun! (yes the ribbons were my idea)
Their Reward for doing such a great job!
Bob joined us today and he was a HUGE help!
An awesome areial view! ROYGBIV
We had way too much fun!

Mrs. Martin and I
Frog race
Boys will be boys! SO cute though
50 yard dash

Chicken Coop
Mrs. Webb's class
Sunny side up race!

LOVE THEM ALL!! What a great year we have had!!
We did have a blast today if you couldn't tell. I have the best class ever and very supportive parents this year!! I will have more pictures to come of all my GREAT gifts from teacher appreciation week!! Thanks and great job to all my fellow teacher friends out there!! We really do have the best job!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

How does your garden grow?? (and lot's of pics!)

This weekend I went to Stephenville with my mom to help Memaw and Papa plant their flowers...We did a lot of work and had a lot of fun!! Those big pink and white flowers were given to them by my mom 10 years ago. When they moved from Comanche they pulled them out of the ground and brought them to Stephenville with them...Aren't they pretty?? When we came back Bob and I joined are friends Jodie and Jonathon for dinner at Joe T's, it's a monthly thing now!! As you can tell by the pics we had a blast!! And the cute little guy in the pictures is their son Jayden, he is soooooo cute and a great baby!! Enjoy all the pictures!!


I guess he got bored with his company!!