Monday, December 28, 2009

Jonah's First Christmas/White Christmas 2009

We had so much fun this Christmas! Let me just start by saying I have been shopping since October, so half of the gifts that were opened I had NO idea what they were, so it was fun seeing their reaction and me remembering "Oh ya!" Haha These are just presents from me, mom, Leigh Ann, and Amy. We had lots of them!!

This is at Memaw's house!! Same tree since I was a baby!!

This year was Jonah's first Christmas with was so much fun. Next year Holt will be here so we spoiled Jonah this year knowing Holt will the the star of the show next year!!
He loved all of his gifts!!

I got griffin a Johnny Cash shirt when I went to Nashville, its his ONLY white one!!!Showing off our new scarfs!! So cute
Some of my STOCKING stuffer. I have trouble spelling that word:)
My mom got us new aprons!! Amy got 2 yellow and blue aprons, she may have to hand over her KJK rights...
Aunt Leigh Ann and Griffin
this is a funny story....Griffin is obsessed with the antique road show on TV. He has been going through memaw's house for like 4 years looking for things to put on the show. This is him AT breakfast looking and asking questions about the GLASS PEAR!! what a dork!!
SNOW!! We are in Stephenville when it all started.
Jonah's first snow!!
Bob was working and he was heading this way later. When I say later I mean, it took him 6.5 hours to get to stephenville...when it should take 1.5!! He finally made it safely!!
Giving Jonah his other presents!

Playing in the snow, in Griffin's shoes!!

This is a still picture, but let me just say that they were DANCING their butts off on the ice!!

I got this jacket for Jason, and I threw in some matching shoes for HOLT!! He loved them!!!

They love their new hoodies!!
I got Bob a robe, he supposed to have a pipe:)
Leigh Ann got me a new suitcase!!

Bob got me a new Fossil gold watch!! Thanks Bobbers
That night we went to Kobe steak house for dinner. OF all the tables in the restaurant, we got the one were you have to take your shoes off and sit on the floor. MY dad is HUGE, Leigh is prego, and Bob is 6' should have seen us try and get up!!
squished in the corner!!
Leigh Ann and her Shirley temples!!
We had a great Christmas, thanks Mom and Dad for spoiling us yet again and to Jason, Leigh Ann, Griffin, Amy, and Bob for all my awesome presents!!! LOVE y'all!! See you in 2010!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to River Trails!!!

This is a long but cute post. Every year Santa and his entarouge come to River Trail on a helicopter. I LOVE this is soooo cute and the kids love it too. You can tell by the pics that we had a great party as well. This was a busy/fun sememster, but Im glad its over. Now get to spend time with family, cook, watch movies, and shop!! Merry Christmas everyone!! I have a video at the end of Santa landing at our school... Enjoy!!