Saturday, August 15, 2009

Girls weekend in Fredericksburg!!

This past weekend some of my greatest girlfriends got in the car and headed to Fredericksburg. My co-teacher Mandy is from there (actually her house is in Harper, but we will pretend) and we stayed at her moms and had so much fun!! It was exactly what we needed right before we all head back to our classrooms...

This is the first thing we saw when we got into town at the grocery store!! Haha only in a small town...
This is what we saw going up the road to Mandy's house...Are you kidding?? That was so funny to me for some was a long ride and this was a perfect way to end it by running into the cows...
On Saturday we went to town and shopped and ate on main street and then we made the quick trip to Luckenbach to get a drink and a t-shirt!! It was so hot so we didn't stay long!! I got a yellow and blue t-shirt!! Yes girls I will wear it to girls weekend in Nashville!! Go Siggies!!
Not a great picture but all the big hairy men watching us was!!
This is Mandy's back yard...this is where we swam and laid out afterwards!!! It was soooo much fun and could see the bottom and all the fishies!!

I fell of the AIR mattress...yes i know its not big but some how I did!!
SO cute

They have a cabin that we stayed in at the bottom of the hill from their house. It was sooooo much fun and can't wait to make this a tradition!! Love you girls!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August is here!!

In the first 3 days of August we were pretty busy...Jonah was still recovering from his surgery, but he is doing much better, I think this picture shows you. We were playing with him on the floor and bob was reading and Jonah popped through his legs!! It was so cute so I took a pic. Bob doesn't want eveyone to think he posed for this...haha..its cute
Then on Saturday one of Griffin's childhood friends got married in Abilene so we all went. Bob left after the wedding cause he was having a high school guy friend get together, so this is our only pic!! He looked handsome!!
Leigh Ann and Amy looking lovely

Like Father like son...TWINS

Then on Sunday we celebrated Mammy and Dad's birthdays. We went to Red Lobster for lunch and then headed to mammy's for cake and presents. We had a lot of fun.
Mammy with all of her gifts! So spoiled
This is what I made for mammy...this is all of her fav candy

Leigh Ann trying to be susie homemaker
Jason saved Mammys life by resetting her VCR clock...she was soooo happy

This is my new bedding...My mom found this and wanted to buy it for Bob and I...I wasn't going to change my bedding till atleast 5 years...but she liked it and so we couln't refuse her offer...I think it looks nice. I need to go to Canton to jazz up my walls...