Saturday, November 14, 2009


This year for girls weekend we decided to go visit Mo in Nashville, TN!! Boy was that a great decision!! We had SOOOOOO much fun! I love all of these girls and it shows in the pics! We talked about old times, new times, and whats ahead for all of us!! Mo cooked ALOT of the meals and she is the best cook!!! She kept all of our bellies full and was such a great host!!! Here some pics from our awesome long weekend!! This was the first morning we were there, we went for a walk on this trail by Mo's house, the pics will show the beauty that we got to see those couple of hours!!!

This is what we did most of the weekend!! Lots of posing!!!

There was an older gentlemen enjoying the view and then we showed up and he ended up taking our pics!! He also gave us a CD that he produced?? Have no idea where that ended up??

After our walk we went home for lunch and showered then headed to Lipscomb to see where Mo worked and then we went to their pep-rally!! We got into it!!
I think this is the colleges mascot??? Picture opportunity!!

We had to get some shopping in of course!!
and after dinner, what else do you do on girls weekend???? DANCE PARTY!! We danced for 3 hours!! Lots of pics and videos that didn't make the blog for embarrassment reasons!!!

Sorry if your a Kojie!!

The next day we went to Blake's parents house, drove around, then ended up and Centennial Mall! It was amazing! The pics will show all the beauty in a TRUE fall season!!

Mo's dog Maverick!! So sweet

And that is the end of our trip!! We had so much fun, none of us wanted to leave!! Thank your girls for sharing memories and laughter!! Ya'll are the best!!! Ill see you in VEGAS!!!
Jonah's First Halloween!!! He was so cute!
ITS A BOY!! Due April 12th!! Can't wait, I think we are ALL excited!!!