Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthdays, Parties, Santa, & an Anniversary

On Friday Bob and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!! It was also my last day of school too, so it was great day!! He sent me a beautiful arrangement of Christmasie (sp)flowers/roses. I also had a VERY sweet card in my car that morning. I especially like this years card cause it wasn't just about who happy he is, how he can't believe its been 5 yrs, etc....It was about how I taught him "how" to love. He told me how he really didn't know what true love was till we were married and I showed him. It was a great start to my day. Then after a LONG last day of school I came home and took a cat nap and then headed to Trulucks in South Lake and did a little shopping. I'm so happy with my life and marriage with Bob, he is such a BLESSING in my life. Here is to MANY more!! I love you Bob!!
Waiting for Santa to arrive by helicopter!!
Best Kinder Team:)
Eating at the new Chuy's in Ft. Worth and celebrating my 28th birthday!!

Holt LOVES when CoCo sings Pat-t-cake!! A cute onesie in honor of my birthday!!
In shock from seeing Santa
CoCo and HoltSo cute, he didn't mind Santa at year may be a different story:)
Bob got me new luggage from Vera!! Great Job!!
2010 Ornament pic
Paula, Ashley (Rhett), and Traci at Maggionos
Traci, Katie, and Me!! They surprised Andrea and I with a birthday celebration too!!
Julie, Leigh Ann, Amber, and Andrea
Holt LOVES the Superman Ornament from Uncle Bob

Tired at 8 months
My favorite Santa
RTE Christmas Party!!